Friday, July 17, 2009

Maggie is Happy Again

Today, just a few hours ago, my family and I had to put our beloved two year old dog and family member, Maggie, to sleep. She was a beautiful ½ Black Lab and ½ Rottweiler.

Over the past couple of weeks, 100 pounds plus, gorgeous Maggie just hasn’t been acting her normal playful self. Her tail, ordinarily curled up in a “I’m a happy dog” way, drooped straight down with little to no movement at all. She also seemed uncomfortable when b
ending down to drink her water or eat her food. Of course we took her to the veterinarian’s office. As far as the doctor could tell, Maggie had a strained muscle in her girthy neck. He prescribed muscle relaxers and said she should be back to normal within 10 days.

The past few days I mentioned to my family that Maggie seemed sad, lethargic and uncomfortable even with the medicine. When we woke up this morning, Maggie bled from her nose. My husband and brother rushed her to our nearby veterinarian’s office, calling me at home only minutes later. “The news is not good,” my husband said. I told him I would be there immediately.

On my way to the vet’s office, I noticed immediately everything around me was cris
per, more vivid. My senses were hyper aware. The color of the sky was more blue, the leaves and foliage on the trees more green. Everyone I saw, the bicyclists, the runners, the people and their dogs, the woman picking raspberries, seemed more alive, more real.

I pulled into the parking lot and my husband, my brother and Maggie were outside the office. My husband explained that Maggie most likely had a lesion on her brain and that there was no cure. I sat on the sidewalk, held Maggie and cried. I told her that she was going to a wonderful place where she would be greeted by St. Francis and my father
(a man who loved animals passionately throughout his life). Maggie’s big brown eyes stared right into mine. I told her that her tail would soon be back in the air. I told her I loved her.

Maggie, you will always be loved and missed.


  1. Again, so sorry to hear the news. I know what you mean about the crisp colors. I feel like its because the whole world is moving at normal pace, but you have slowed down to be in the moment. There is no-time when you are in the "NOW".

    Peace be with you and your family.

    Love, Angie

  2. This made me cry :( So sad! Well, the dog I was going to adopt is still in need of a home, he's a black german shepherd 8months old named Rascal, and I'd be happy to give you all that informaiton. I know you said you would be in town here soon, so if you are interested. Let me know. This dog deserves a great home, one I know you would offer!!!!!

  3. It is one of the hardest decisions we have to make as keepers of animals, and as hard as it is we at least get to give that peace to them, and maybe one day it will be ok for people too :)
    I use to think 28 years ago that I'd get use to this part of Veterinary medicine, and no it doesn't get easier, it gets harder with every passing year that you know someone and how mush they loved their pet.
    And even those you don't know it is a share sorrow that is so easily shared.
    Know this dear Nannette you are not alone, thank you for shareing.
    My friend in my picture has been gone 17 years she was a cool dog. It took another year to find the bestest dog in the whole world who shared my life for the next 15 years, and now she is gone, they all have special places in my heart...thankfully there is no such thing as too much love.
    When the time is right the right one will come again.
    you are in my thoughts